CPRO Visions

Sustainable development

The growth of a Good business is inseparable from the energy and inspiration bestowed by nature. At CPRO, we firmly believe that protecting nature is a collective responsibility. In our commitment to serving customers, CPRO has consistently taken responsibility for upholding the principles of sustainable development. From material production to logistics and transportation, we prioritize green, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient practices. Our aim is to maximize resource utilization, minimize environmental impact, and preserve the beauty of nature.

Promotion of equality

  • In recruitment and company management, CPRO upholds the principle of prioritizing professional ability. We are dedicated to promoting gender and regional equality, ensuring equal pay for all positions, and establishing a fair and comprehensive promotion system. Our aim is to enable every outstanding employee to fully leverage their strengths and realize their true potential.

Humanistic care

  • At CPRO, we value the individuality of each employee and prioritize their well-being and growth. In addition to providing comprehensive welfare benefits, we are committed to fostering the holistic development of our employees. We organize perfume knowledge training to enhance their professional expertise, facilitate diverse interest groups covering areas such as language learning, fitness, and aesthetics, and arrange engaging team-building activities to strengthen collective unity and personal communication skills.