CPRO values

Happiness, Professionalism, Unity, and Reliability


  • We offer a comprehensive product training course to our employees, enabling them to enhance their professional expertise and approach every work challenge with confidence. Additionally, we provide relevant job skills training and targeted guidance based on the individual professional development needs of each team member. Our goal is to help employees explore their full potential, improve their personal abilities, overcome challenging tasks, and achieve a sense of self-fulfillment.


Talent is a valuable asset at CPRO, and we recognize its significance by offering each employee a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package. Furthermore, we maintain a fair and substantial incentive and promotion mechanism, ensuring that every effort put in is duly rewarded and that each individual reaps the deserved fruits of their labor.

We are dedicated to empowering our employees to develop their talents, pursue aspirations, fulfill ideals, and advance their careers in their respective fields. To achieve this, we spare no effort in providing all necessary resources, including a conducive work environment, ample learning opportunities, and an ideal platform to showcase their skills.


Enhancing employee happiness is one of CPRO’s key objectives. We foster a vibrant work culture by organizing diverse interest groups, covering areas such as multilingual learning, exercise and fitness, and aesthetic training. Encouraging employees to explore a wide range of interests helps them develop holistically, find satisfaction beyond work, enrich their lives, and approach their work with a joyful spirit.